Everything You Want To Know About
The Power of Belief

This package contains the 4 primary ebooks which have served as the foundation for my entire business these last 10 years.  Having served THOUSANDS of folks, these ebooks provide a set of solid and workable plans to put the Power of Belief to work in your life.

What follows is a VERY brief description of what you'll find in each ebook.  More details may be found on the individual product mini-site listed with each ebook.


 A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams

Choose To Believe:
A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams

This ebook explains the science behind the Power of Belief, and why you can trust it to produce magnificent changes in your life. 

Hint: there's a direct relationship between beliefs, decisions, actions, and results.  And that's even BEFORE you see the startling evidence supporting a more spiritual explanation.  (And no, it's not some flimsy reference to Quantum Physics, although this does add to the discussion.)

You'll also discover why you can believe in one thing, yet have a totally different experience created by other, more powerful beliefs.  (This is why so many experiments on the Power of Belief failed to show tangible results.  The researchers failed to take this into consideration.)

This ebook serves as a practical guide because it gives you a set of tools to discover your current beliefs, MEASURE them, and change them to become anything you want.

You are also given a set of tools to help change what OTHER people believe, without them even knowing what you're doing.

Bottom line:  This ebook gives you a COMPLETE system for working with the Power of Belief.

Normally selling for $17.95, what you learn here will be worth much, MUCH more.

For more information, go to http://BeliefPowerKit.com.
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28 Days to Effortless Success

28 Days to Effortless Success

After teaching the Choose To Believe material for years, I found little ways to improve the way it was presented.  This ebook gives you a step-by-step approach, taking just a few minutes a day for 28 days.

Here's the day-by-day program:

Module 1: The Starting Point Of All Success

Day 1: Identifying Obstacles
Day 2: The REAL Obstacle Behind All Others
Day 3: The Practical Side of Beliefs
Day 4: Miraculous Beliefs
Day 5: Science to the rescue
Day 6: Why Isn’t It Obvious?
Day 7: Consider this …

Module 2: Making Positive Changes Quickly

Day 8: Where Beliefs Come From
Day 9: A Technique We Used In School
Day 10: Accelerating Affirmations
Day 11: A New View On Beliefs
Day 12: A More Refined Approach
Day 13: Getting Past The Gatekeeper
Day 14: Putting It On Autopilot

Module 3: Eliminating Resistance

Day 15: Finding Hidden Obstacles
Day 16: Using Your Belief Scale
Day 17: Self-Image Beliefs Revealed
Day 18: Digging Deeper
Day 19: The Most Powerful Beliefs You Have
Day 20: Pinpointing SPECIFIC Beliefs Behind SPECIFIC Issues
Day 21: Putting It All Together

Module 4: Success to the Nth Degree

Day 22: Beliefs Shared By Successful People
Day 23: Variety For Greater “Endurance"
Day 24: Don’t Make A “Subliminal” Recording
Day 25: Ramping Up The Power
Day 26: Locking Your Mind Into The Perfect State
Day 27: Removing All Work From The Process
Day 28: Graduation Day

For more information, go to http://BeliefPowerKit.com.
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 How to Instantly Increase Your Prayer Power

Harmonic Prayer:  How to Instantly Increase Your Prayer Power

Written in a direct, easy to follow style, Harmonic Prayer shows you EXACTLY what you can do to instantly increase your prayer power.

Here are some of the things you'll find in this amazing book:

  • The 5-Step Harmonic Prayer Process
  • Why God answers prayers
  • How to get direct answers from God
  • How to instantly increase your faith
  • How to eliminate doubt
  • How to grow faith on autopilot
  • Phrasing your prayers for even more power
  • Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for greater prayer power
  • Why it's important to have fun, especially before praying
  • 8 different meditations to add Power to your prayers
  • An ancient Jewish system that evokes the Power of God within you
  • Why it's not necessary to engage in austerities such as fasting, or taking vows of celibacy, silence, or poverty
  • What a monk from the 1600s can teach you about prayer
  • What to avoid in prayer
  • Why bargaining with God isn't necessary
  • How to pray so you get the best possible results every time

Everyone will find something useful in this book, whether you are a beginner with prayer, or have spent years working on your spiritual development.

This book is organized to help you get results as quickly as possible—even BEFORE you’re done reading it.

For more information, go to http://HarmonicPrayer.com.
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Keys To Power - Step by Step

Keys To Power — Step by Step

This is the original course that started it all.  Originally written as a $49 email series spanning 24 weeks, the Keys To Power — Step by Step course guides you to maximize your ability to tap and use the Unlimited Power of the Universe.

Written from the perspective that Spiritual Power is available to everyone in the same way that electricity and gravity are available to everyone, the processes in this ebook give you a direct means of controlling the events in your life.

5 Master Keys that give you control over the Unlimited Power within you:

Step 1: Preparation Keys—Mental Development
Increase your powers of concentration, perception, creativity,
memory, and more! Makes everything you do infinitely more effective!

Step 2: Foundation Keys—Belief Systems
Find out what you really believe, and change it for Power!
This is critical—and left out of most other systems.

Step 3: Power Keys—Tapping Your Inner Power
Master these simple steps to gain access to Universal Power!

Step 4: Control Keys—First Step To Using Power
Learn how to safely control Universal Power to perform at your command.
Failure to follow these safety guidelines can literally DESTROY your life!

Step 5: Working Keys—Putting Power To Work
A complete collection of techniques to use in any situation.

The final lesson provides suggestions for performing levitation, teleportation, and creating object out of thin air.  Powerful stuff!!

For more information, go to http://KeysToPower.com.
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Your Investment today is just $29.

No one can put a price on the ability to give yourself a complete life makeover, or the ability to perform honest-to-God miracles.  As such, the value of the above books are truly priceless.  However, you have a unique opportunity to grab all 4 of them today for just $29.

This low price represents an 47% savings from the regular prices, and is the equivalent of getting all 4 ebooks for just $7.25 each.

If you have ANY interest at all in the Power of Belief, then you'll see the value of grabbing this package now.

Once your payment is processed, you will be given instant download access to the 4 ebook PDF files.


Money-back Guarantee

As all of my long-time customers know, I wouldn't sell anything I couldn't back up with a guarantee.  I've had so few refund requests over the years that I know that anyone who even tries the material will see results.

So I feel safe offering you this incredible guarantee:

If in the next 60 days, you feel the value of this package has not lived up to your expectations, I will cheerfully refund every penny you've spent.  No questions about what you didn't like.  No "prove you've used the materials" questions.  No questions whatsoever.  (I'll probably ask what I could have done better, but this is just so I can improve the package, not as a requirement to process a refund.)

Of course, you will be asked to remove the files from your computer, but that's to be expected.

Quite simply, there's nothing for you to lose in giving my materials a try.


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